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Forum ist auf neuem Server live !

Begonnen von Spacecake, 07. März 2022, 02:22:18

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Als Amateurcoder ziehe ich den Hut vor deiner Arbeit!


Vielen Dank.

Ich schaue immer mal wieder hier rein. Also sollte was fehlen oder auffallen, gerne hier posten :)


Gestern kam SMF 2.1.2 heraus und heute ist es schon installiert ;-).

ZitatWe consider this patch to be of crucial importance, as it includes security updates.

Notable changes in SMF 2.1.2

  • Fixes errors when attempting to view the profile of a non-existent user.
  • Fixes minor issues with the editor toolbar when certain BBCodes are disabled.
  • Fixes a bug where the admin panel incorrectly showed the image proxy settings as editable when Settings.php was read-only.
  • Correctly formats the gender string in profile exports.
  • Correctly formats the custom profile field names and values in the Buddies list.
  • Fixes a minor bug when displaying size limits in the attachments restrictions information.
  • Large image thumbnails now display with the the correct aspect ratio when viewed on small devices.
  • Video attachments no longer overflow the window on small devices.
  • Fixes errors about undefined variables when switching between different cache accelerator options.
  • Fixes an error about invalid dates when a comma was used under certain circumstances while creating a calendar event.
  • Correctly handles uppercase non-ASCII characters in the answers to verification questions.
  • Fixes a bug that could allow a topic to be moved into a redirection board under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes a error that could be generated when sending notifications about guest posts.
  • Fixes a bug where certain pages could fail to load if the set_time_limit() function was disabled on PHP 8+.
  • Fixes a bug where attachments might not download correctly if the "Enable compressed output" setting was enabled on PHP 8.0.17+ and 8.1.4+.
  • Fixes some rare Unicode character handling issues.
  • Security improvements.

Das Update hat genau 3 Sekunden gedauert. Die Überführung in den Standard hat sich also mehr als gelohnt.

Viele Grüße